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A Bit About Me

My name is Murray Mckillop. I am a freelance videographer and photographer. Turning clients ideas and images into physical results is a massively rewarding experience. No matter the request, as long as a camera is in my hands I am happy to work and make your visions into reality. 

A large portion of my work is automotive based but my love for vehicles does not restrict me. I also do landscape, portraits, product and street photography. As a true creative I do not conceal myself to a specific class of photography,  I am always looking for opportunities to shoot original content and experiment with new ideas.

My videography is my biggest passion. From music videos to commercial shoots to events, same as the photography, I will film and create a beautiful image for my customers.

I love what I do and so my passion drives me to create the perfect image for my customers. 

If you want to get in touch then my details are below.

Hope to chat soon!

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T- 07495753690

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